• Create your own ottoman.

    Posted on April 13, 2012 by in Crafts, Living room

    In this blog we will show you how to create or redesign your own ottoman. You can start with a junked ottoman or freshen up one of your own! In our example we took an old 1970’s era ottoman that had wooden blocks around the cushion. These are notoriously uncomfortable ottomans so we got rid of the blocks completely and started with a clean flat top piece.

    Old ottoman


    Sanding the wood

    After you’ve chosen your piece to work with the next step is to sand the wood down in preparation to paint. It doesn’t take much sanding; you just want to rough the wood up a bit so it will take hold the paint. After sanding you will want to choose what color of paint you’d like to use. We chose to match the color of paint with one of the colors in our fabric that will eventually cover the cushion.

    Old seat cushion

    For our cushion we used an old seat cushion from a chair, removed the cover, and then cut it down to size. You can use this method or buy a new cushion to work with.


    After selecting and sizing your cushion you need to select what fabric you will use to cover the cushion. We chose a nice modern, spring inspired fabric. As stated before, we matched our ottoman’s paint job to the leaves on the fabric so they mesh very nicely.

    Attaching the cushion and fabric

    After you have cut your cushion and chosen your fabric you will now want to attach the cushion to the ottoman. Place your cushion on the ottoman and cut your fabric down to size. Using a staple gun, staple the fabric over the cushion into the wood. Fold in the corners to make it nice and neat. Once you have fully stapled your fabric onto the ottoman there is only one last step. Place a trim over the staples to hide them and attach with hot glue. You now have your own custom designed ottoman!

    Completed Ottoman!