• Mix-Matched Chairs? No Problem!

    Posted on March 24, 2012 by in Dining, Furniture decoration/design, Office

    Are you struggling to setup a sitting area or dining room because you don’t have enough matching chairs, or even worse, not a single chair to match the table? Don’t worry! You don’t always have to have exact matching pieces in order to create a beautiful sitting area or dining room. In this blog we will show you several different design ideas using mix-matched chairs and tables. Remember, all of the items you see in this post are all available in our store!

    Mixing old with new

    In this dining room setup we combine an antique library table with six contemporary chairs by Ashley Furniture. This truly shows that you can combine old with new and still have a beautiful outcome. Notice also that the woods, despite their differences, mesh nicely.

    Mixing chairs & wood in this kitchen setup

    This kitchen table setup features a darker table compared to the wooden seats of the chairs. The chairs are also mix-matched with different backs. The key to this design is the wooden seats of the chairs are similar shades and the backs/legs are painted in the same white. Chairs can easily be painted, and even with mix-matched backs still look great!

    Accent chair dining

    Beautiful dining for two! In this design we show how mixed woods can still mesh together beautifully. You can use a glass topped table or even add a table cloth for a more formal feel. We used two designer chairs that are padded for comfort.

    Wing-back chair & desk

    In our final example we show how a wing-back chair can be utilized as a desk chair for a stationary table or office. The large plush wing-back provides excellent comfort and elegant beauty at the same time.

    Do you have a unique setup you’d like to share? Post it in the comments!