• Painting Clear Glass Lamps–A How to Guide.

    Posted on March 10, 2012 by in Crafts, Furniture decoration/design

    Painting an old clear glass lamp is an excellent way to liven up your home. They provide a stunning focal point for any room and it also leaves you with a sense of pride for creating such a beautiful piece. This is a great do it yourself project that can save you money and it’s also a very simple process.

    Clear lamp


    Things you will need:

    1) A clear glass lamp. The crazier the design the better! Don’t have a clear glass lamp? Don’t worry! We actually used a lamp that was painted on the inside. You can use paint thinners to clear the inside out. We found that it was much harder to remove darker colors than lighter ones. Hand sanitizer worked very well in removing lighter colors.

    2) Paint. Seems like an obvious one, right? Choose whatever colors you’d like your lamp to be. This will be used for the ‘foreground’ color.

    3) A stain, or varnish. Again, choose whatever color you’d like. This will be used for the ‘background’ color.

    4) Creativity! Think of some great patterns to use to swirl your colors into the lamp.

    Squeeze in your foreground color first.

    After you have selected your clear, or painted, glass lamp be sure to wash the inside out and let it dry. The next step is to squeeze or dribble in the foreground paint. Add just a tad bit of water to your paint if it is thick. Use whatever patterns or designs you would like. In ours we let them drip in as long vertical lines using a piece of paper. After you have done this let it dry for a very short while. The next step is to add your background color. Use a stain or varnish. Add this in over your foreground color keeping your original pattern in mind. Now sit your lamp on a cloth and let the excess stain drain from the lamp.

    Finished lamp after drying

    Now you’re all done! You’ve created your own beautiful painted lamp. Remember, this can be used on anything that is glass. Try it out with other things as well!

    Matching painted vase

    We used a clear glass vase and turned it into a custom painted vase to match our lamp. Before reassembling your lamp you can also make it more custom by painting the shade or the base.

    All finished

    We painted our base a matte black. Just use a matte black spray paint over the base. To make sure the spray paint holds, use a polyurethane spray after you have painted your base.

    Both pieces finished.

    Did you create your own custom painted lamp? If so, show us a picture in the comments! We would love to see them.