• What to do with an old armoire?

    Posted on March 2, 2012 by in Bedroom, Furniture decoration/design, Living room, Office

    Armoire is a French term that simply means ‘closet’. Armoires came about hundreds of years ago when most homes and residences didn’t have built-in closets to store their clothes and other household items.  Armoires are available in a range of different styles from modern to vintage, country to French, and everything in-between. So what other uses does an armoire have besides a closet? We hope to show you a few in this post!

    Entryway or sofa table armoire bottom

    Most armoires, due to their size, are two pieces. This means you can completely get rid of the top part and utilize just the lower half as a great entryway or sofa table. Removing the top also makes a great television stand for flat screens as well.

    Entertainment center armoire

    Another great use for an armoire is the media center setup. The shelving is removed and old style television sets will fit in great. Some armoires will already have a hole cut in the back for this purpose. Depending on the backing of your armoire, you can cut a hole to fit the size of the excess of your television. Most newer flat screen televisions will not work in this setup unless they are smaller(around 32 inches, measure first!). If your armoire already has the television hole cut in the back this will show using a flat screen. However, this is an easy fix! You can measure the hole, and attach a piece of wood (plywood or any other) to the back to cover the hole from view.


    Office armoire(photo: HGTV)

    Armoires can easily be converted into great office spaces! Use it as a computer desk or office desk to get your work done. This is great for storing away any clutter because you can simply shut the doors. This armoire has been modified with a pullout keyboard rack.

    Linen closet armoire(photo: HGTV)

    Armoires are the perfect place for storing away your linens. Place it in your bathroom to store bathroom items and towels or put it in the bedroom and store your bedding, extra pillows, and throws.


    Baby changing table armoire(photo: edge-designs)

    Armoires can make an amazing changing table for baby. Great for storing diapers and other baby items. Just close the doors to hide the baby item clutter!

    Extra storage

    These are just a few of the many ways you can use armoires for other than hanging clothes. We would love to hear what ideas or uses you have for your old armoire. Please post in the comments section and let us know!