• China Cabinets and Their Unique Uses

    Posted on February 25, 2012 by in Furniture decoration/design

    In today’s blog we will be looking at several unique ways to setup and use china cabinets beyond the standard china storage. We will take a look at the very useful linen setup, a library style setup, and we will also touch on utilizing a china cabinet in a bar type setup in the home. All items pictured are in-store!

    Linen Cabinet

    The first style we will look at is the linen closet arrangement. This is a perfect setup for people who have homes with no built in storage in their bathroom for linens or if your storage closet is already full of other items. It can also be decorated with select items to really make your bathroom stand out. In this example we added candles and other ‘what-nots’ for viewing through the glass. Besides storing linens it’s also great for any other bathroom and household items.

    Library Cabinet

    In the second china cabinet style we have it setup for a library setting. Once again this is another great way to utilize the china cabinet for extra storage other than dinnerware. This one is pretty simple; just use it as you would a book shelf. Some great ideas are easy access to cook books and other commonly used household books. We also decorated this one with various pieces such as flowers and candles, a very great way to display items in curio like setting.

    The final china cabinet setup is the bar. If you have a home bar, or even if you don’t, china cabinets are a great way to store your fine wines and other spirits. Once again, you can decorate to your taste while also utilizing it for storage.

    Library Full View

    Do you have any other suggestions for curio cabinet uses beyond the standard china display? Send us your ideas in the comments section!


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