• Bed Sizes – A Short Guide.

    Posted on February 20, 2012 by in Bedroom

    In today’s mini blog we hope to bring you some very helpful information with mattress sizes. It’s not everyday that one goes shopping for mattresses so it’s very easy to lose track of mattress dimensions. We will take a look at the various common mattress sizes and their dimensions, and also clear up the confusion on the California king mattress. Please note, all of the following dimensions apply only in the United States and they are presented in inches.

    Twin size bed

    In the twin size category there are two mattress dimensions. There is the standard twin mattress with the dimensions of 39×75. There is also the twin XL variety which has the dimensions of 39×80. The twin XL adds more length to the traditional twin mattress.


    Full poster bed

    Formerly one of the most common bed sizes, the full, is now starting to wane in popularity to the queen size. The full size mattress dimensions are 54×75.

    The most popular mattress size today is the queen. The queen size mattress has the dimensions of 60×80.

    King bed

    The largest of the common mattresses are the king and the California king. This causes a lot of confusion with people when they don’t realize there are two different king sizes. The standard king size mattress is 76×80. It provides a wider mattress area compared to a California king, however it is shorter in length. The California king is a very popular bed size on the west coast. It has the dimensions of 72×84. It isn’t as wide as a standard king but it provides more length.

    We hope that this short article will be very useful to you on your next mattress purchase. If you have any comments or questions, don’t hesitate to post! Have an idea for a future blog? Let us know in the comments.