• Night stand setups and ideas.

    Posted on February 17, 2012 by in Bedroom, Furniture decoration/design


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    For our first post we will be exploring different ways to incorporate night stands in your bedroom set up. We take a look at the traditional two night stand setup, a single night stand setup, and also a unique night stand idea incorporating a writing desk. All of the items are available right here in our store!

    Traditional two night stand setup

    In the first bedroom setup a full or queen bed on risers is paired with two matching glass and wood accented night stands. The key to this setup is making sure that your night stands are matching and at the correct height for your bed. Risers were used in this set up to match heights. Matching lamps are used to also bring the conformity together and the faux plant and flowers are added to bring a decorative “pop” to the setup. Notice how the flower colors are in similar hues as the comforter to help tie everything together.

    Single night stand setup

    In the single night stand we have the same bed setup as before but we have added a solid natural night stand on one side. On the other side is a matching floor lamp and accent sitting chair. With this setup instead of wasting space with an extra night stand on the other side you now have a beautiful sitting area great for reading with the floor lamp nearby. If you have a small bedroom the one night stand setup is always the best, simply lose the sitting area and you have opened up a much larger area in your bedroom by using only one nightstand. The sitting area can be changed to fit a variety of uses or even left empty for a nice open-space look.


    Unique writing desk night stand

    In our final setup for this post we will be introducing a unique idea. For this setup instead of using a night stand, a simple writing desk is placed bedside. The key to making this setup work, as always, is matching the desk height to the bed. This is a great setup for anyone who doesn’t have a dedicated office and not much extra room in the bedroom to place a desk against an adjacent wall. College students can benefit from this design by losing the night stand altogether and incorporating the desk into the bedroom. The bedside desk as a night stand is also perfect for everyone out there with king beds. As one knows, it is very hard to match the height of a king bed with a night stand. You can use writing desks, or any other kind of tables/desks in stand for a night stand in a king bedroom setup. Placed on the opposite side is some green faux foliage to add character to the room, if you have free space on the adjoining side feel free to decorate the area as you please or even leave it open for added space by the bed.

    Desk night stand, second angle.


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